What is Spirituality?

Last week the Center for Spiritual Living, Davis’s new Sunday Leader Champion Fleming answered the question: What is Religion?  It’s answered now, no need to thank us.  But you’re welcome.  As a good religious scientist, Champion veered dangerously close to answering the question “What is Spirituality?” Instead of “What is Religion?” (begging the age old question: What Does a Talk Title Have to Do with the Talk? Lol)–have you ever noticed how no one ever cares about this except the person giving the talk? I have never once walked out of a talk thinking, hey, what did that have to do with X?

But I digress–this week, I will give a talk entitled “What is Spirituality?” and I will talk about what I talk about.

Here are some of the things I am thinking about this week that could end up in my talk:
  1. How do I try to control and limit my access to the Divine?  I recently spent an entire weekend in the presence of an enlightened being named Matt Kahn.  He was transmitting on a very high frequency.  I have never received that much power and love in one dose.  It was overwhelming.  I learned that in the past I may have tried to control my spiritual connection, make it on my terms.  It makes me wonder, is that spirituality?  A controlled access to the Divine?
  2. Community First–while the first aspect of a spiritual path might be conscious connection with the Divine Self, shortly after that comes connection to others, seeing that the Divine in you is really the Divine in me.  In Science of Mind, like many eastern and other wisdom traditions, we know that all are one.  As the song goes, “I care for you.  You care for me.  I love you.  I need you to survive.”  This is the Truth of our being.  Here at the Center for Spiritual Living, Davis, we are embarking on an exciting adventure where we are implementing a proven, tested program called Community First by Rev. Mark Anthony Lord.  In it, every person who comes to a service, can have an opportunity to join a caring circle where they will receive care, attention and focus, beyond measure.
How does it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

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