Join us for Sunday Service
10am at The Grand Prince Odeum or LIVE on YouTube
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Sunday Service

A celebration service is held every Sunday at 10:00 am
For those wanting some centering first, there is a musically led meditation at 9:45 am.

The service is currently in person at The Grand Prince Odeum and live on YouTube LIVE.

The Loving and diverse community of Center for Spiritual Living, Yolo CSLY welcomes you! 

We are a joyful, uplifting and inspiring place to learn about your eternal connection to Spirit and how you can utilize this connection to bring ever-increasing levels of good into your life.

About Us

What We Believe

Our Mission

June Affirmation 2024

“I open my heart and mind to embody the Infinite Qualities of God, allowing the love, power, and presence to flow through me.”f



CSLY Theme for June: Implications of an Infinite Spirit

Most religions agree on one fundamental belief: God is infinite. This includes Infinite Power, Infinite Love, and Infinite Presence. While this is a beautiful concept, it can be challenging to imagine such a Being, let alone understand how we might connect with it personally. How can our small, individual lives hold significance to a consciousness encompassing the entire Universe? Perhaps God’s infinitude is the key to our oneness with it. This month, as we explore the implications of an Infinite God, we will delve into how we might embody a greater sense of oneness with God’s infinite qualities and each other.

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