About Centers for Spiritual Living

The Centers for Spiritual Living™ is a global community based in Golden, Colorado.

It encompasses more than 400 spiritual communities, teaching chapters, study groups, and other ministries in 30 countries. These communities teach a New Thought philosophy that brings religion and science together, offering each of us spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. We learn these tools by studying and practicing the tenets of Science of Mind®, a philosophy developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes, our founder. These tenets hold that all life is sacred and that each of us is an expression of God. We believe in Cause and Effect and teach that “it is done unto you as you believe.” In essence, our thinking and expectations create our reality. In creating these tenets, Ernest Holmes incorporated the ancient wisdoms of spiritual traditions through the ages — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and others. Therefore, people of all spiritual paths, and those “recovering” from a previous unfulfilling spiritual path are welcome in our communities. We help people experience a personal relationship with the creator; promote a community of tolerance, understanding, and respect; provide classes, programs, prayer, and meditation; and advocate a safe spiritual community of like-minded people interested in living a spiritual life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Centers for Spiritual Living is an organization of nearly 400 spiritual communities around the globe that provide spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place. At Centers for Spiritual Living, our spiritual communities teach powerful principles for personal growth and global transformation, honoring all paths to God.
Dr. Ernest Holmes founded the spiritual movement that started Centers for Spiritual Living. Born in 1887 on a small Maine farm, Dr. Holmes spent his teenage years outdoors, asking himself “What is God? Who am I? Why am I here?” This questioning led to his 1926 book, The Science of Mind, which outlined the foundational viewpoints of modern New Thought.​
Science of Mind® (also referred to as Religious Science) is the core teaching of Centers for Spiritual Living. Science of Mind is a philosophy that integrates spiritual truths with science and physics. Simply put, Science of Mind teaches the unity of all life. Intentions and ideas flow through a field of universal consciousness, which actually affects and creates the world around us. This idea is common to most major religions, and is supported by the teachings of psychology and quantum physics. In Science of Mind, we believe that the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts. Put another way, “As you think, so you become.”​
Religious Science is the name of the church that Dr. Ernest Holmes started, which was the precursor to Centers for Spiritual Living. Dr. Holmes’ comprehensive book of teachings is entitled The Science of Mind. Members of Centers for Spiritual Living often use the phrases Science of Mind and Religious Science interchangeably.​
In Science of Mind, we believe that the fields of religion and science are complementary, and that science will prove what the mystics have said for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings, and the Universe. These beliefs are being proven even now by many quantum physicists who have found that the universe is made up of energy that cannot be destroyed and is infinitely intelligent. Science of Mind is also scientific in that is uses laws of nature to prove spiritual principles. Any person can experiment with the principles and measure the results.​
No. Religious Science and Centers for Spiritual Living are in no way related to Scientology.​
No. Centers for Spiritual Living is a unique and separate entity from Christian Science.​
Absolutely. In Science of Mind, we believe that healing comes in many forms. God is expressed through doctors and medicine just as it is expressed through all of the physical and “invisible” universe. In short, we believe in both prayer and modern medicine.​
Science of Mind is a New Thought philosophy that incorporates spiritual tools of affirmative prayer, healing, and creative visualization to transform lives and make the world more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous. Centers for Spiritual Living does not consider its teachings to be New Age, but rather incorporates the ancient wisdoms of all the spiritual traditions throughout the ages. People of all spiritual paths — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, New Age and others -— are all welcome in our communities, and will recognize many of our tenets.​
Yes. Centers for Spiritual Living spiritual communities are places where amazing healings and life transformations take place.​
Centers for Spiritual Living honors all forms of prayer. In addition, we teach a unique and scientific form of prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” This powerful, affirmative method of prayer was developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes. Spiritual Mind Treatment involves a five-step process that harnesses the creative process of consciousness. This type of powerful, scientific prayer allows new levels of health, wealth, love, and wholeness to become a reality in our lives.​
No. At the Centers for Spiritual Living, we teach that each individual has influence over, and responsibility for, his or her own life. We support personal responsibility and strongly discourage the “following of” any one person, including founder Dr. Ernest Holmes. The philosophy taught by Centers for Spiritual Living challenges people to think for themselves and only believe what feels true to them.​
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