Attention, All you Mothers: It’s time to receive and create (not give and fix)

Attention, All you Mothers: It’s time to receive and create (not give and fix)

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  It’s a good time to re-ground ourselves in the principles of the Divine Feminine:  Receiving and Creation. Many women (and mothers) in our culture, myself included, spend most of our time giving and fixing which oddly is the province of the Divine Masculine.  All of us of course, whether we were born or told we were female or male, are a combination of masculine and feminine spiritual qualities.

Our society values and rewards qualities of the Divine Masculine:  action, giving, fixing, making things happen and often denigrates and ignores qualities of the Divine Feminine:  waiting, receiving, yielding and creation. So it is not surprising that most women in our society, including most mothers (or people in the role of mother, whether male, female or other) spend time and value giving and fixing rather than receiving and creating.

This Sunday, we’ll talk about that.  And we may talk about this book I’m reading called The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra.  This book, which purports to be a channelled work from “Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life,” issues a clarion call to all of us to stand in our Sovereign Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness and, basically, co-create a world that works for everyone.

Hey, where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah, it’s the purpose of our entire teaching at the Centers for Spiritual Living.  

It’s time for us to understand that we are here to employ creative principle and that the urge and the desire to create doesn’t require much action.  Those of us who gave birth know that once we were pregnant with the initial 8 cell zygote we call a fetus, we didn’t have to do much to make it grow into a baby.  It was good to take nutrients, and to abstain from alcohol, and to take loving care of ourselves, but that isn’t REQUIRED for creation and growth of the most amazing thing in the world.  

What else is possible?  What else can we nurture and grow and create without much work?  And how do we do that? Let’s talk about this on Sunday.


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