Rev. Pat and I got knocked up at the CSL Convention

Rev. Pat and I got knocked up at the CSL Convention in Orange County this week.  One day one, we were ordained as ministers for life in the Centers for Spiritual Living.  I can hear you say, wait, weren’t Rev. Sara and Rev. Pat already “ordained ministers?”  And the answer is no.  We weren’t.  We were licensed ministers and in our tradition they consider ordination a privilege that is extended only after three years of demonstrating that we have “a minister’s consciousness.”  And they decided that we did have that, and so now we’re Center for Spiritual Living ministers for life.

And right after we got ordained, we found out that we are knocked up.  We found out that our entire teaching, the centers all over the world are pregnant with the Global Heart Vision of a World That Works for Everyone.  Now of course, we at the Center for Spiritual Living, Davis, already have been holding that vision for a while  We talk about it every Sunday.  We vision for what is ours to do and practitioner Tina Greene is down here in Irvine too bringing forth an incredible tree upon which scores of people are placing their leaf representing what is theirs to be/do to bring forth a world that works for everyone.

So what really happened is that a lot of other people found out they’re pregnant.  And we learned that like any birth process, the process of birthing a world that works for everyone will involve major disruption and pain, not to mention sore feet and strange cravings.  And most of us have been clumsy midwives to this birth. We’re more like a taxi driver helping a passenger give birth in an emergency then we are a trained professional.

Since it has been established that your ministers have powerful consciousness, and our whole movement is pregnant, but we are clumsy midwives, then it is time to get trained so we can birth the world that we are growing within.  So let’s get busy.  We’re officially welcoming Champion Fleming this Sunday, someone who has developed a powerful curriculum for white people to become the real allies they want to be in the world.  That’s a perfect exact example of the training we need to be the skilled midwives we want to bring our vision forth.

All is well,



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