The mission of education in the Centers For Spiritual Living is to present Science of Mind – a philosophy, a faith, a way of life – as an exciting, contemporary educational model through which learners fully experience the spiritual reality of their being. This model includes curriculum that integrates the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of contemporary living, is communicated in modern language and based on a developmental sequence for evolving consciousness. As many of the congregants have attended and studied spiritual science for years, classes and talks go deep quickly.


In this basic course the student is introduced to the Core Concepts of the Science of Mind philosophy. The class is experiential, with many guided meditations and exercises to assist the students in incorporating these Universal Principles.

Foundational Class is the prerequisite for taking all other classes in the Education Ministry.

Textbooks: The Science of Mind and Living the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes

This class is required prior to any further Certificated course enrollment.

(13 weeks. 45 credit hours.)

Spiritual Practices for Daily Living: Treatment and Meditation

Prerequisite: Foundational

This class focus is upon the receptive (meditation) and the directive (treatment/prayer) ways of communing with Spirit. Various forms of meditation are explored, and students gain refinement in the verbal and written skills of treatment (affirmative prayer) especially for others.

Textbooks: Journey of Awakening, Ram Dass
Can We Talk to God, Ernest Holmes

(10 weeks. 30 credit hours. Required for Practitioner Studies)

Self Mastery

(Emergence of the True Self) This class is a deeper inward journey opening the door to reveal the wholeness of self and deepening the experience of Oneness in Spirit. It is an exploration of feelings, ego, relationships and the process of change while discovering new ways to deepen human love, trust, forgiveness and gratitude.

Textbook: Living the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes

(10 weeks. 30 credit hours.)

Financial Freedom

Prerequisite: Foundational

This class assists students in developing a greater awareness of Spirit as the source of financial as well as personal freedom. We explore unchanging Spiritual Principles as well as our own current beliefs and attitudes about money to create a spiritual practice that will duplicate the nature of Spirit in our financial affairs.

(8 weeks. 24 credit hours.) Workbook provided.

Exploring Roots

Prerequisite: Foundational

The roots of Science of Mind run deep and wide through the religions, philosophies, literature and science of humankind. This class guides us through the writings of three people who greatly influenced Ernest Holmes, our Founder: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Emerson Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Dore Lectures, Thomas Troward
Scientific Christian Mental Practice, Emma Curtis Hopkins.

(10 weeks. 30 credit hours.)

Practical Mysticism

Prerequisite: Foundational

This class is an exploration of mysticism, what it is and what it is not. It provides the framework for the student to live a more mystical life in present time. Each student sets a personal intention for his or her own life. Emphasis is given to the practice of meditation and the practice of witnessing consciousness. This class is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen his or her own awareness of the Divine reality in daily living.

(10 weeks. 30 credit hours.)