How is Prayer an Action?

In my personal life, every time I feel stuck, afraid, like there is no choice, I know that Life has another solution that I haven’t thought of. When things feel most desperate, when I can’t act my way out of it, I know that I need to call on the power that created all things, that IS all people, animals, matter and energy, for a change.

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Bless Donald Trump for helping us remember who we are

So while President Trump is, by his naked appeals to our shadow side, awakening our remembering of who we are, the call is also to remember ALL of whom we are. If 30% of the American public wants to wall off the country, instigate stark consequences for those who try to enter our borders and deny women control of their bodies, then 30% of our collective consciousness wants the same.

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Why not build trust in your intuition by playing a game like Sudoku?

I realized with a flash that this game was an absolutely no stakes way to build my faith in my intuition… There is no earthly way that it matters whether I get this wrong. No bank account or relationship or emotion is depending on me to get the right answer. …And if I can use it with those things, maybe then I can use it with the really big stuff: career and finances and marriage and housing level stuff.

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