Bobbie Bolden is a Practitioner at Center for Spiritual Living Davis, a Certified InterPlay Leader, and a UC Davis Professor, Emerita. Throughout her career as dancer, choreographer and teacher, she has passionately investigated the connection between creativity and spirituality. She has used the spiritual principles of Financial Freedom to change her life from “scarcity” to “prosperity” while pursuing a life as a dance artist. She is eager to share this class with each student and watch the changes in their lives.

Debra Adele Williams Taylor, DVM, PhD is a ‘Renaissance’ woman with many talents and interests – who is answering the call of Spirit in her life. She was trained as a Practitioner under the tutelage of the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center. She practiced Veterinary Medicine on the Navajo Reservation – where she was introduced to the concept of spinning and weaving ‘from scratch.’ She is interested in exploring the use of fiber arts as a metaphor for life and a vehicle for accessing and expressing the creative spirit that is the foundation of All that Is. She facilitates a dynamic, experiential workshop to unlock the gates of creativity, mindfulness and self-forgiveness entitled “Gandhi’s Path to Freedom: Spinning as Meditation.”