All Is Well Institute

All is Well Institute, founded as a sub ministry of the Center for Spiritual Living, Yolo is currently applying for status as a Center for Spiritual Living focus ministry. We have been serving our “candidates” since June of 2016 in healing themselves from chronic pain and chronic illness using spiritual tools.


More About All is Well Institute and Our Mission

About 1 in 5 people worldwide suffer from chronic pain.  In the US alone, it’s higher: 100 million people (4 times those with diabetes).  Yet, mainstream medical and alternative health providers have little to offer most sufferers to alleviate, much less to cure chronic pain.  

It is one thing to learn a transformative spiritual principle or practice. It is another to use it consistently and achieve the desired results.  We have found that when people in chronic physical pain consistently use spiritual tools, they get relief.   Our growing team of ministers, spiritual practitioners, and “candidates” (students) (many of whom themselves are recovering from chronic pain) has developed a workable model to teach and provide support for people to use spiritual tools to reveal their full health.  

The initial results of our approach are stunning: Our candidates (students) have experienced zero pain for long stretches of time after decades of discomfort using:

  • -scientifically-created and proven meditation,
  • -clearing and forgiveness techniques, and
  • -creating a context in which people feel loved and supported in using these tools through
    • ->Daily texts
    • ->Helping them make and use a movie vision board of them in health
    • ->Reminders to meditate
    • ->Asking them to report their Well-Being Level that day
    • ->House visits
    • ->Technology support to facilitate online connection to classes and meditations
    • ->Team meetings (where they can be part of the team)
    • ->Teaching what they’ve learned to others
    • ->Rides to events

In 1983, religious science practitioner Louise Hay answered the call to apply spiritual tools to reveal the health of the growing number of men with a mysterious immune deficiency disease later called AIDS.  In rapidly growing groups, she sat with them, meditated and prayed, and did forgiveness work — and their health and lives improved.